Polaroid Wedding Fantasy by Julius & James

Photographs are about memories. We freeze a single viewpoint, a moment in time. Photographs can be time-machines.

In that spirit of time-travel, Julius and James are bringing back Polaroid photography: on your wedding day.

Everybody loves Polaroid instant photographs. They evoke a bygone era, the way only instant film photography can. Instant photographs can give a retro, vintage style your event.

Using refurbished, classic Polaroid Land Cameras, as well as brand new Fuji Instax cameras, Julius and James can bring the magic of instant photography to your wedding day or special occasion. Polaroids can replace a photo booth – and with way more style – or can be added to your digital photo package as a complimentary service.

To celebrate our launch of our Polaroid wedding and event photography service, Julius and James have conjured up a photo fantasy for your enjoyment, and as a spark to your imagination. Taking our inspiration from the style of the early 1960s when the first, large format, 4 X 5 instant cameras were popular, we have styled a retro-themed wedding using real vintage clothing and accessories. This is a studio shoot. Photos taken on location and using natural light will look different. But it’s just one of the many creative possibilities for instant photography. We hope you enjoy it.

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